1.As most people (Online Survey) spend 3 hours with their friends but in SST, they spend 2 hours only. So we suggest that to tighten bonds with friends , we should spend more time with friends outside school by doing the activities below.
2. We also suggest to do some fun activities like going out for lunch/dinner.
3.Organise outings to parks or shopping or going to watch movies
4.Have a calender that labels the birthday dates so we can all chip in to buy them a gift.
5.Play sports together or computer games
6.Do project work together.
7.Study together (get better grades as well)
8. Play together, such as captain ball.
9.Chat in real life
10. Build awesome things such as planes, remote control car..
11.Search random sites together
12.Celebrate Birthday
13. Book hotel Watch the fireworks on new years day
14. Go on major events,such as the F1 Grand Prix

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